Certified Nursing Assistant – A Promising Career Choice

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TMAThe are many reliable jobs and careers in the healthcare industry and the Takoda Institute is proud to provide accredited training for entry-level positions in this field. One specific job opportunity students can train for at the Takoda Institute is a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). A Nursing Assistant actively cares for and attends to the basic needs of patients or residents in hospitals, nursing homes, or long term care facilities. For someone considering a career as a Nursing Assistant, it is important that they have a desire to work with people, are dedicated to providing quality care, and have an ability to accept and follow through with tasks. Developing these skills through time and training can help individuals achieve success while working as a CNA.

Lisa Royce, a nursing instructor at the Takoda Institute, shared some of the benefits of becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant.  The first one being that a CNA is an important entry point to higher positions in the healthcare field.  For example, students in nursing school must have a Nursing Assistant Certification before becoming a Registered Nurse.  Another benefit is that the starting salary for CNA positions is considerably higher than minimum wage and pays more than many other entry-level jobs in other fields.  The final benefit Lisa noted was that CNAs are everywhere, so there is a lot of opportunity to work in different healthcare settings and with many different patient- allowing CNAs to develop diversified skill sets.

The Certified Nursing Assistant program at the Takoda Institute is part of the Health Occupation Careers-Direct Care program – a rigorous six month program.  The program is in accordance with the Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987, which mandates certain minimum standards for Nursing Assistant training. Being in accordance with these guidelines allows Takoda Institute’s CNAs the opportunity to work anywhere- even hospitals (after the hourly requirements have been met). Once students complete their CNA courses and clinical, they then have the ability to become a Trained Medication Aide. This is a sixty hour training program where students learn about medication and how it affects the human body.  This course is beneficial because it allows for job variation between Trained Medication Aide and Certified Nursing Assistant. The Takoda Institute believes it is important to provide its students with a well-rounded education, so its healthcare students are also trained in the areas of office technology, career development, and human relations.

The most important asset Takoda Institute offers its CNA students is Employment Services. The Takoda Institute has long-standing relationships with numerous healthcare providers to make sure students have a place to work after they graduate.  Takoda Institute students work one-on-one with employment counselors to develop their résumés, search for jobs, and secure employment following their graduation.

To learn more about the Health Occupations Careers – Direct Care Program and the scholarships available please attend an information session.

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